AM Trust
Diversified retail property portfolio South Africa

Facetco Benefit Advisory Research Pty (Ltd) Trading as BAR see
Economic and Financial Advisory firm

IGWE – Engineering & Investment
Diversified investments in the shipping and brokering sector and in financial services

OGBE – Properties
Diversified commercial and retail property

Investment Objectives

We are constantly considering innovative ways in which to measure risk and structure our investments. The approach to risk management and investment appraisal is influenced, but not dictated, by current market practice or trends, and we pride ourselves on our careful assessment of risk – even though this sometimes requires us to go against the grain. We are long-term Investors, in that we are unlikely to liquidate or exit any investment in less than five years. Our aim is that our investments continue to pay meaningful, positive cost-of-capital yields for ten years or more. Such an approach requires great care and application, but when investment opportunities present themselves, we avoid the pitfalls of over-analysis and are always able to mobilize resources and networks to consider and implement deals efficiently.

Our current primary focus is on non-listed companies and infrastructure projects, particularly in the transport and industrial equipment sectors. Typically, the companies we favor will have been operating fairly successfully in their sectors and are a few years away from listing. Some of the qualities we look for in these companies are good, committed management with meaningful levels of ownership. A number of businesses with these attributes tend to be family-owned and managed.
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