Our People are our Greatest Assets
Charles Malize (MBA, Henly Management College, UK) *
Charles Malize has extensive expertise in residential and commercial real estate construction and development. His wealth of experience in this sector is drawn from projects in the United Kingdom, United States and West Africa. Additionally, he owns a major stake in a retail financial brokerage in the United States.

Ernest Matienga (M.Sc, Economics, London School of Economics, University of London) *
Ernest Matienga is a leading Zimbawean businessman and the incumbent Chief Executive Officer of Zimbabwe's National Discount House. He has extensive capital markets experience and has been involved in a number of major funding and restructuring programs in Zimbabwe and the SADC region. He serves on the board of directors of a number of companies.

Charles Okeahalam (Ph.D, Econometrics, University of London, D.Sc Banking and Finance, University of Exeter)/Managing Director Charles Okeahalam oversees all investment decisions, portfolio management, capital raising and trading operations.

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