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Founded in 2001, AGH is an investment holding company.

At AGH, we view wealth creation as a long-term game, built on trust and testable relationships.

We are not sector specific because we believe there are good deals in good companies in all markets. Admittedly, this approach has its pro and cons - clearly there are benefits in portfolio diversification, but there are also elevated costs when researching multiple industries. These costs, however, are often mitigated by our sound and detailed knowledge of capital markets, extensive in-house research capacity and broad relationships across industry. We are entrepreneurs, and our approach reflects this.

Since inception, AGH has acquired minority stakes in a number of businesses.

Our geographic focus is Sub-Saharan Africa and, specifically, economies that offer high growth opportunities with manageable levels of risk. We have participated in transactions within countries in East, West and Southern Africa and retain strong alliances in these countries. Our portfolio holdings are concentrated on companies that offer long-term stable returns.

We also retain proven expertise in large-scale capital raising, financial restructuring and business advisory projects for third parties and partners, as well as for our own account.

Our key objective is to create value and make returns for shareholders via a well managed long-term investment program.

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